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By: Jerry Rhoads

  • Title Book: 2084 Americana
  • Author : Jerry Rhoads
  • ISBN 10: 9781684099665
  • ISBN 13: 1684099668
  • Publisher : Page Publishing Inc
  • Category : Fiction / Thrillers / Political
  • Languages : en (Available in All Languages)
  • Pages : 250

 Peace on Earth and goodwill to men. 1984’s INGSOC was the prediction of George Orwell of how the Brotherhood and Big Brother created a culture of fear and mind torture to control the social actions of the Otherhood. The prediction of a negative utopia to emerge in 1984 passed in the real world of America and returns as socialism evolved into totalitarianism in 2184.

However, by 2084, after years of being attacked by robots and drones from another galaxy, disabling the world’s grid systems triggers worldwide patriotism with coexistence of peace. Overriding the current culture of violence and world conflict the evolution of political systems focuses on peace as the world is threatened by attacks from outer space. The use of quantum physics enables the world to create a vehicle for time travel and transference and explains how the human genome is the structure of the cosmos and how the Black Hole’s dissipating humanity while the White Hole represented by the cosmos must be saved before life is consumed by the Black Hole.

Alec Carter Stevens becomes the president of the Americas in 2081 after forming an American Enterprise Party during the campaign of 2080s. He is instrumental in defusing the outer space threat from the attacking planet, Medroma, and forming a one-world government (Americana) that has seven continental regions. But with political turmoil continuing in the seven continental regions, the Socialists gains control once again. And in 2184, with the forming of Americania AMSOC, the world is controlled by the Grand Marshal, the Pope, and one religion, one capital, one Bible, one language, and an army of peacekeepers controlling the twelve districts.

The capitol is in Sunyani, where the governing Few are located. Under an edict, the Many (the masses) were embedded with brain chips that control behavior and modifies any aberrant actions against the AMSOC and policies of Americania. The Queen Robot, discovered in Medroma, becomes a source of the answer to how the gravitational pull of the Black Hole created the Earth and exerts an ever increasing magnetic field, causing a decline in world population and the need to nullify the Black Hole (Satan) through the spirit of the White Holes (God). 

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